Final Project

Due in class on Wednesday, December 3rd

This week instead of a prelab, you will turn in a schedule for working on your final project. In this schedule, you will enumerate all of the features of your program, and come up with dates they need to be implemented by in order for your project to be done in time.

First, come up with a list of all of the features your project will have. Include both user-visibile features, like "animation of main character", and things that may not be clear to the user, like "implementation of a player class". Remember to include writing up documentation of your project on your schedule!

Next, triage each feature into "must have", "should have", and "would be nice to have." About a third of your features should be in each category. For each feature, come up with a list of the steps you will need to do to implement it. This may include several steps, including researching existing solutions/python libraries/etc. Estimate how much time it will take you to do each step. Be as realistic as possible.

Now, come up with an ordering of the features, with a due date for each feature. In general, you should implement your "must haves" and then your "should haves", and leave your "would be nice to haves" for last.

You should turn in a list of features ordered by scheduled due date, with the steps for each feature listed, each feature labeled by whether it's a "must have", "should have", or "would be nice".