Project Overview

For the final project, you have a lot of flexibility in coming up with some application of computer science that connects to one of your personal interests. You might want to review your weekly reflections for possible project ideas. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we’ve included some suggestions below.

As with your labs, the final project is a solo effort. You are welcomed and encouraged to chat with your classmates about your ideas, but you should not share or discuss the code itself. You are, of course, welcomed to get feedback on your code from lab helpers, tutors, or your instructor.

Project Ideas

  • Implementing a simple game (e.g., a card game for a user to play against a computer or an ASCII adventure game)
  • Creating art or music with algorithms (e.g., using the picture or audio module)
  • A simulation of a real-world task (e.g., physics, sports outcomes)
  • Exploring additional libraries in Python (e.g., using matplotlib to plot charts for your favorite data set)

If your idea requires a data set, strongly consider using an existing data set (for instance, from Kaggle) rather than collecting your own data. Data collection and cleaning is a valuable and time consuming skill, but it is not a learning objective in 150.