Lab 1

Hello, World!

Welcome to your first CSCI 150 lab! Hopefully you’ve already completed the Pre-Lab. If not, head over there now before continuing on with this lab. Otherwise, let’s get started with Lab 1. This lab is all about learning how to write some simple Python programs in replit.


  • Create your first Python programs and run them
  • Learn how to get input from the user
  • Use the command line to run your programs
  • Practice string and integer operations

The lab is broken up into sections to make things more manageable. Each section indicates how many points it is worth. Be sure to read each section carefully. With the exception of this lab, most labs are expected to take 7-9 hours. Clearly we can’t get all of Lab 1 done during our in-person lab time. That’s why each lab has a Warmup that is intended to be completed while we are together during the lab period. The Warmup will get you ready for the problems you’ll find later in the lab. Get as far as you can in the scheduled lab time, and try to work steadily on the lab throughout the week. Don’t leave it all until the day the lab is due.

Occasionally you’ll come across a ReadMe box like the one below. As you might have guessed from the name, these boxes contain important information. Be sure to read them, they might even save you some time.


A reminder about the Honor Code: While you are encouraged to discuss the labs with each other, you should never copy anyone’s code, and no one else should ever have a copy of your code. If you do discuss the lab with someone else, or look up resources online, please write that you did so in the README file within your repl. On partner assignments, you may work with a single partner, but no one else. Again, it is fine to discuss the lab with others, but you should never copy their code directly.