Wrap Up

Congratulations! You have now created several Python programs and completed your first programming lab!

Filling Out the README.md

The final task for every lab is to edit the README file in the lab assignment repl. Each week, you’ll be asked to answer four questions regarding collaboration, time spend on the lab, and the Honor Code.

A reminder to make sure you have consulted the Honor Code policy in the course syllabus for information about how to sign the Honor Code and about acceptable collaboration in CSCI 150! Your instructor is also happy to answer any questions about the Honor Code, just let us know.


You must complete the README file in order for your lab to be graded. If your README file has not been completely filled out by the lab due date, you may incur late penalities until it is completed.


Let’s take a moment to make sure that we haven’t missed anything. Below are the items that are require for Lab 1.

Lab ComponentsPoints
greetings.py4 points
fancy.py8 points
simple.py6 points
compounding.py6 points
tvtime.py10 points
README.md & WARMUP.mdMandatory

Submitting Your Solutions

Finally, all you need to do is submit your solution to the assignment. To do so, please click on the Submit button in the top right of your programming environment. This will save all of your programs for the graders and instructors to look at.