Picture This

sketchy.py: 10 points

In this part of the lab, you will create a program called sketchy.py that draws a picture you design using the picture module.

You will probably want to start out by drawing a picture by hand that you can replicate using the picture module. Think about the things the picture module is good at drawing (e.g., shapes!) and how to design a picture using them. You have been provided with a sample drawing program, house.py, which you can use to see how the picture module works.


Remember to periodically commit and push your changes!

If you can’t think of what to draw, here are some things you can use for inspiration.

Your final sketchy.py program should include at least five different elements (i.e., shapes or lines), and at least two different colors.

You can find all of the commands available in the picture module here.


We would love to create an online art gallery sharing everyone’s interesting art work. In the comments of sketchy.py, please indicate whether your are willing to have your art work included in the gallery and whether you would like your work to be attributed to you (or to “Anonymous Student”).