Wrap Up

Congratulations! You have finished your eighth lab!

Filling out the lab README

As with every lab, your last job prior to submission is to fill out the lab README file, which is also how you submit your Honor Code statement (so please do not forget to do this). Your lab cannot be graded without completing this file!


Let’s take a moment to make sure that we haven’t missed anything. Below are the items that are required for Lab 8.

Lab ComponentsPoints
mouse.py6 points
tiger.py8 points
elephant.py8 points
opposite_elephant.py4 points
chameleon.py8 points
<fname><initial>.py8 points
README.md & WARMUP.mdMandatory

As always, please make sure the above components/files are all committed and pushed/synchronized to your Github repository (and not just edited in your Codespace). The teaching team will grade whatever code is in your most recent commit.

If you’re unsure, you can always check the commit log shown in your assignment repository page, “Feedback” Pull Request, and/or commit history to confirm whether your most recent edits are online.


Your section will host a Critter tournament during lecture where your critters will face off with each other and the other standard critters. Your instructor will share your section’s Tournament rules with you. The winner of the tournament will gain fame and fortune! If you would like to enter a critter or critters into the Tournament, refer to your instructor’s directions from lecture/Blackboard.