*_Skilled Computer Worker Wanted_*

September 22nd, 2008

*Title: Dorm Energy Computer Manager/Developer*
*Description: *We are looking for a student with a range of computer troubleshooting and programming skills and an interest in environment stewardship to assist in managing and further developing the Campus Resource Monitoring System (CRMS). The CRMS gathers data on electricity use in dormitories, processes and then displays information on www.oberlin.edu/dormenergy and on the new “Energy Orbs”. Skills and creativity with scripting, html, flash, databases, hardware management, electronics and general troubleshooting are all desirable (though not all essential). Reliability, responsibility and ability to work independently are crucial. Underclassman interested in long-term involvement preferred. Summer research opportunities are possible. Email description of skills and interests to john.petersen@oberlin.edu.