CSMC Tshirts 2009-2010 Order by Fri May 21.

May 19th, 2010

CSMS has designed tshirts that will be yellow with hunter green print

OCCS  2009 – 2010will be centered on the front

on the back it will read:

You know you’re a CS major if…

You think flip-flops belong in DLSim not on feet.

You’ve written 15 programs to calculate the Fibonacci numbers.

You consider recursion an alternative lifestyle.

You know more languages than an UN employee.

You sometimes write “the downstairs lab” as a permanent address.

Divide and conquer doesn’t sound like a military strategy.

O(n^3) and O(135n^3 + 3000n+  1828537)  look  identical

*int {} (*float) is clearly a pointer to a function taking a float pointer and returning a pointer to an array of intergers.

You close your eyes and see public static void man ( String args { } )

Scheme is just another word for a lot of parens

The cost will be $8.00

To order email Jackie.Fortino@oberlin.edu with your size by Friday 5/21/2010.

The shirts should be in by May 28 , if you are gone by then they can be picked up in the Fall.